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Autofac packages for Visual Studio 2015 release

Now that we know the version of DNX that ended up shipping with the Visual Studio 2015 release we have pushed updated packages for Autofac core and ASP.NET 5 across to NuGet.


Autofac 4.0 alpha1 for ASP.NET 5.0 beta3

As Travis outlined in his recent post, we've been hard at work getting Autofac ready for ASP.NET 5.0 and the new Core CLR. The 4.0.0-alpha1 release of the core library and integration for ASP.NET 5.0 are now available on NuGet. The packages can be used with Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 and the 1.0.0-beta3 release of ASP.NET 5.0.


OWIN support for the Web API 2 and MVC 5 integrations in Autofac

Currently, in the both the Web API and MVC frameworks, dependency injection support does not come into play until after the OWIN pipeline has started executing. This is simply a result of the OWIN support being added to both frameworks after their initial release. In fact, the OWIN support in MVC does not yet extend to the self hosting scenario and is limited to plugging in OWIN middleware.