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Autofac 3.0.2 update pushed to NuGet

We have pushed some minor updates to the core Autofac package and a few of the integration packages to NuGet. There is a mix of enhancements and bug fixes across the different packages. You can find all the details below.


Autofac 3.0 Final Release

The NuGet packages and download zips are now available for the final release of Autofac 3.0. The biggest changes since Beta 2 are the introduction of an official SignalR integration (built against the RC1 version) and plenty more documentation on the wiki (with even more on the way). The release notes below outline the changes between Beta 2 and the final release. You find details for the previous beta versions on the release notes page. Thank you to everyone who tested the beta versions and provided the team with valuable feedback. A big shout out to Travis Illig for helping make 3.0 such a great release, and to Nicholas Blumhardt for starting such an awesome open source project.


Autofac 3.0 Beta 2 packages available on NuGet

Since releasing the first Beta we have been busy working through the issue list and have included a number of enhancements and bug fixes in Beta 2. We are hoping this will be the last Beta before the final release, and will be putting a hold on changes in the meantime to the keep the codebase stable. It would be great to make the release available early in the new year, so please grab the latest packages and let us know if you have any problems.