Autofac 3.0 Beta 2 packages available on NuGet

Published on Saturday, 22 December 2012

Since releasing the first Beta we have been busy working through the issue list and have included a number of enhancements and bug fixes in Beta 2. We are hoping this will be the last Beta before the final release, and will be putting a hold on changes in the meantime to the keep the codebase stable. It would be great to make the release available early in the new year, so please grab the latest packages and let us know if you have any problems.


  • Added AutoActivate() registration extension to flag components to be automatically resolved on container build.
  • Added an InterceptTransparentProxy registration extension that allows transparent proxy instances to be intercepted using ProxyGenerator.CreateInterfaceProxyWithTargetInterface.
  • Added AutofacInstanceContext.Current static method akin to the MVC AutofacDependencyResolver.Current. Made OperationLifetime publicly gettable to allow for AutofacInstanceContext.Current.OperationLifetime access.
  • Added a RegisterTypes extension equivalent to RegisterAssemblyTypes but which allows you to pass in a specific list of types rather than simply scanning assemblies.
  • Removed the now confusing (Beta) suffix from the MVC 4 and Web API integration NuGet package titles.
  • The same registration can now be used to register a MVC and Web API filter. Multiple filter types on a single registration are also supported.
  • Updated all dependencies to the latest versions.
  • Switched Autofac.Extras.CommonServiceLocator to a portable class library.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue 303: AutofacDomainServiceFactory creates instances in the root container.
  • Issue 305: Add RegisterAssemblyTypes overload which gets a list of types.
  • Issue 365: Configured Nested Containers Lose LimitType on Component Registrations - Affects WCF Service Resolution.
  • Issue 391: Cannot use ActionFilterFor for both MVC and Web API controllers on the same registration.
  • Issue 396: ExtensibleActionInvoker incorrectly holds attachment to expired lifetime scope in MVC4.
  • Issue 339: Improve the way Autofac.Integration.Wcf exposes the LifetimeScope.
  • Issue 351: Autofac.Integration.Mvc fails when Glimpse.Mvc3 is installed.
  • Issue 355: AutofacContrib.DynamicProxy2: Internal interfaces are not intercepted (and no exception).
  • Issue 361: DynamicProxy interception does not work for WCF clients.
  • Issue 397: Nested lifetime scopes aren't disposed when the parent is disposed.
  • Issue 388: Wrapper around IStartable to make a component implicitly activated.

Core NuGet Packages

Extras NuGet Packages

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