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Autofac ASP.NET MVC 4 (Beta) Integration

2 min read

Following the release of Autofac 2.6.1, the Autofac MVC 4 Beta integration is now ready for downloading via NuGet. I will look into what additional features might be possible later, but the immediate priority was to make something available ensuring people could starting enjoying Autofac with MVC 4 Beta. This work is currently being done in a branch and will be merged back into the mainline once the final RTW of MVC 4 is made available.

Install-Package Autofac.Mvc4

There are no breaking changes in the API between this and the MVC 3 version of the integration so the upgrade should be fairly painless. Detailed instructions for upgrading your actual MVC 3 project can be found in the MVC 4 release notes.

Please download the package and report any bugs on the issue tracker or if you need help post your questions on Stack Overflow using the “autofac” tag. The current MVC 3 documentation on the wiki still applies and can help you get up and running if your new to the integration.

A minor change was made in the internals to allow the lifetime scope applied to a registration to be shared between MVC and the Web API (which you have no doubt now deduced is on the way too).

// Register MVC controller and API controller dependencies per request.
builder.Register(c => new Logger()).As<ILogger>()

Technically both extension methods use the same tag for the nested lifetime scope so only one is really needed, but I like adding both because makes it obvious that the service will be scoped to the controller, regardless of it being of the MVC or Web API variety. I don’t think there is too much more to add other than to watch out for the Web API integration which will probably be available by the time you read this.