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Content missing from FeedBurner feed

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After moving my FeedBurner account over to Google I found that content was no longer appearing in my feed. I tried pinging and resyncing my feed but it made no difference. My feed was being formatted as ATOM 1.0 by BlogEngine.NET so I changed it to RSS 2.0 to see if that would help. For some reason after performing another resync the content was now appearing. This seemed strange as I never had a problem prior to my account being moved Google.

To confirm that it wasn’t just a fluke I changed the format back to ATOM 1.0, and sure enough the problem appeared again. Switching back to RSS 2.0 once again fixed the problem. I have used the W3C Feed Validation Service to confirm that my feed is valid, so the problem is clearly not the source feed, but rather a problem that has surfaced after moving my account.

Having sorted the first problem out, there were now duplicate posts appearing in Google Reader for my feed. Once I switched my feed format to RSS 2.0 and regained the missing content Google Reader assumed I had new posts and added them to its cache. When feeds are cached by Google Reader feed items are never removed and only updates are noted in the cache. I assume this is because it’s impossible to tell the difference between a post that was actually deleted and one that is simply no longer included in the feed.

I’m not aware of a way to clear the cache for a feed in Google Reader, so I switched to an alternative base address for my FeedBurner feed that hadn’t already been cached. My FeedBurner account indicates that the base address for my feed is **I switched to using as the base address instead and the duplicates are now gone. I hope Google manages to sort out the problems people are having as it would be a shame to see them loose FeedBurner accounts.