Random links for September 2010

Published on Saturday, 02 October 2010

Here are a few links that I found interesting for one reason or another.

  • C# open-source

    csharpopensource provides quick and ready access to many of the higher quality projects available.

  • Gist - GitHub

    Gist is a simple way to share snippets and pastes with others. All gists are git repositories, so they are automatically versioned, forkable and usable as a git repository.

  • pinvoke.net: the interop wiki!

    PInvoke.net is primarily a wiki, allowing developers to find, edit and add PInvoke* signatures, user-defined types, and any other information related to calling Win32 and other unmanaged APIs from managed code (written in languages such as C# or VB.NET).

  • StoryQ

    StoryQ is a portable (single dll), embedded BDD framework for .NET 3.5. It runs within your existing test runner and helps produce human-friendly test output (html or text). StoryQ's fluent interface adds strong typing, intellisense and documentation to y

  • Free CSS templates - Download Free CSS Templates

    Welcome to Free CSS Templates Website! Find here a never before seen collection of free CSS Templates, one of the biggest in the entire web!

  • High-Performance Dynamic Pattern Matching over Disordered Streams - Microsoft Research

    Current pattern-detection proposals for streaming data recognize the need to move beyond a simple regular-expression model over strictly ordered input.

  • Page2RSS - Create an RSS feed for any web page

    Page2RSS is a service that helps you monitor web sites that do not publish feeds. It will check any web page for updates and deliver them to your favorite RSS reader.

  • Forwarding meta-object « Tomáš Matoušek’s Weblog

    The ForwardingMetaObject class defined below makes it easy to forward dynamic operations from one dynamic class (forwarder) to another (forwardee).

  • Implementing Dynamic Interfaces

    One great advantage of dynamic programming is the ability to build types whose public interfaces change at runtime based on how you use these types.

  • Clay

    Clay is a dynamic C# type that will enable you to sculpt objects of any shape just as easily as in JavaScript or other dynamic languages.

  • AES Encryption Flaw Exposes ASP.NET Sites -- Visual Studio Magazine

    Two security researchers, Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo, have discovered a bug in the default encryption mechanism used to protect the cookies normally used to implement Forms Authentication in ASP.NET.

  • elRTE - open source WYSIWYG editor for Web

    elRTE is an open-source WYSIWYG HTML-editor written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. It features rich text editing, options for changing its appearance, style and many more. You can use it in any commercial or non-commercial projects.

  • ProCSSor - Advanced CSS Prettifier

    A powerful (and wholly free) CSS prettifier that lets you format CSS in the exact way you want.

  • Lumzy

    Lumzy is a Mockup and Prototype creation tool for websites and applications. By Mockup, we mean that quick sketch that gives an idea of what the site or application you are planning to build will look like.

  • Jungle Disk

    Protect your files against loss, theft, viruses, and natural disasters. Share business data securely and privately in the office or across the globe. Sync your critical work across all your computers.

  • Processing.org

    Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions.

  • The Pomodoro Technique™

    The Pomodoro Technique™ is a way to get the most out of time management. Turn time into a valuable ally to accomplish what we want to do and chart continuous improvement in the way we do it.

  • PechaKucha 20x20

    Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of "chit chat", it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It's a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps things moving at a rapid pace.

  • NSubstitute - a friendly substitute for .NET mocking libraries

    We found that for all their great features, none of the existing frameworks had the succinct syntax we were craving — the code required to configure test doubles quickly obscured the intention behind our tests.

  • CQRS

    This site is an attempt to create a place that you can come to in order to learn about CQRS, Event Sourcing, and lots of other good stuff. There are many documents and videos of training available here.

  • jsPerf: JavaScript performance playground

    jsPerf aims to provide an easy way to create and share test cases, comparing the performance of different JavaScript snippets by running benchmarks.

  • BlogTrog CodeWindow - Share your code online with syntax highlighting

    BlogTrog Code Window provides an extremely easy way to share code on a blog or website.

  • Magellan: an MVC-powered Navigation framework for WPF - CodeProject

    Magellan's goal is to create a pit of success for WPF applications. The goal of this article is to describe what the pit looks like, how it works, and why you'd even want to fall in.

  • Apache Qpid: Open Source AMQP Messaging

    Apache Qpid implements the latest AMQP specification, providing transaction management, queuing, distribution, security, management, clustering, federation and heterogeneous multi-platform support and a lot more. And Apache Qpid is extremely fast.

  • LABjs :: Home

    LABjs (Loading And Blocking JavaScript) is an open-source (MIT license) project supported by Getify Solutions.

  • RequireJS

    RequireJS loads plain JavaScript files as well as more defined modules. It is optimized for in-browser use, including in a Web Worker, but it can be used in other JavaScript environments, like Rhino and Node.

  • Jasmine: Javascript Testing Framework

    Jasmine is our dream JavaScript testing framework. It’s heavily influenced by, and borrows the best parts of, ScrewUnit, JSSpec, JSpec, and of course RSpec.

  • Pex for fun - from Microsoft Research

    Pex for fun brings programming in C#, Visual Basic, and F# to your web browser.

  • jQuery color plugin xcolor - Website and Application Intelligence

    The xcolor plugin is an easy-to-use jQuery extension to manipulate colors in all imaginable combinations.

  • Heroku | Ruby Cloud Platform as a Service

    Heroku (pronounced her-OH-koo) is a cloud application platform for Ruby – a new way of building and deploying web apps.

  • Free Icons Search Engine - FindIcons.com

    We have the largest searchable free icons database in the world and both a sophisticated search filtering and result matching system make it possible for you to get an icon you need for every design task.

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