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Upgrading through every version of windows

2 min read

This is a great video showing upgrades of all major Windows versions from 1 through to 7. In fact, the whole process starts with the installation of MS-DOS 5.0 before moving onto Windows. Monkey Island and Doom 2 are installed in MS-DOS to test the backwards compatibility of Windows. The level of legacy support that Microsoft has managed to maintain over such a long period of time is certainly impressive. This has definitely got to be a very heavy burden. You can read more about the whole process on the author’s blog.

Watching this certainly brings back a lot of memories. Looking at the DOS screens I quickly started to reminisce about how much I loved Norton Commander. There was no need to reach for the mouse and everything was just a quick tap of the keyboard away. I remember having to install Trumpet Winsock because Windows 3.0 didn’t support the TCP/IP protocol stack. Gone are the days of the screeching modem and the Gopher session. I never imagined I would have instant access to the internet on a phone that fit snuggly into my pocket. Anyway, that’s enough nostalgia from me, check the video out to bring back your own memories.