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Would you become a signatory of the SOA Manifesto?

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Most developers have heard of the Agile Manifesto, but did you know there is also a SOA Manifesto? Like the Agile Manifesto, and perhaps even more so, I am sure it will be wide open to interpretation and will spark some level of debate. There is already a SOA Manifesto Dialog site dedicated to discussion of the manifesto, and a poll that it hosts suggests that opinion is indeed varied. I have embedded the same poll below if you would like to voice your opinion right now.

I am just happy to see some activity taking place within the SOA community, and for SOA to be getting some form of press once again. SOA has provided a great deal of benefit to the many organisations that have embraced it, and I believe that fact should be recognised. If you too believe in the benefits that SOA delivers you should head on over to the site, and if you agree with what is written become a signatory to the manifesto.