PreCode Plugin for Windows Live Writer v4.0

I use the PreCode plugin for Windows Live Writer to add the code snippets to my blog posts that are highlighted with SyntaxHighlighter. PreCode adds the HTML markup required for SyntaxHighlighter to identify the snippets that require highlighting. It also ensures that the snippet code is HTML encoded.


jQuery lightBox with BlogEngine.NET and WLW

It’s always a good idea to separate content from behaviour, and this is the reason I don’t like the idea of adding rel attributes to my anchor tags in order to support Lightbox. I may decide one day that I want to use Highslide or another library instead, and I certainly don’t want to massage the HTML of my existing posts or put in hacks to support the new library.


Code Tag Plugin for Windows Live Writer

I made a simple Windows Live Writer plugin that allows you to easily surround text with the <code> HTML phrase tag. Writing a plugin for WLW is fairly straightforward and everything you need to know can be found in the Windows Live Writer SDK documentation on MSDN. The default browser rendering of text inside a <code> tag is to display it using a fixed-width font. You can of course alter its appearance using CSS to make it a little more interesting.