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Contract-First article on MSDN

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Congratulations to Christian and Buddhike for their excellent MSDN article: Schema-based Development with Windows Communication Foundation. If you are new to contract-first web service development, or even if you have been practicing it for a while, I am sure you will really enjoy reading this article. It is great to see an article on MSDN that is focused on contract-first and how it can be achieved with WCF. Of course, there is a section dedicated to the Visual Studio 2008 Add-in.

The diagram below was created for the article, and Christian has also put it on the homepage on CodePlex.

The schema-first approach has five discrete steps.

I really like this diagram, it paints a picture that is very clear and easy to understand. It shows that there is a sequence of steps that are undertaken when doing contract-first development, and highlights that this entire sequence becomes an iterative process. Well done guys!