wscf V1.0.13 Update

image I have posted a V1.0.13 update for to address a bug with the WSDL round-tripping feature. It was reported that message headers were not being round-tripped in the WSDL when fault messages existed for the same operation. I normally prefer to batch up a few bug fixes for an update build, but I can appreciate that this particular bug would get very annoying when using headers along with numerous operations.

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A V1.0.12 update release of is now available for download from CodePlex. Like the previous update, this one contains a few bug fixes and one new feature. This update is made available to you courtesy of user contributed patches. A big thank you to users BartKoelman, cjberg, jamaica and MrGlover for their contributions.

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A V1.0.11 update release of is now available for download from CodePlex. This one contains a few bug fixes and one new feature. It will be the first release since upgrading the V1 solution to Visual Studio 2010, but the add-in continues to support both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.

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If you are interested in a quick introduction to WCF contract first make sure you check out the latest episode of Ron Jacobs has recorded a Trans-Atlantic webcast with developer Santosh Benjamin.


Fault Contract support in

Adding support for fault contracts to has been on my TODO list for quite a while now. It was left behind when the port to WCF was done because ASMX did not have proper support for fault contracts so it was never actually part of WSCF.classic. Back in the old ASMX days you had to manually set the Detail property in the SoapException yourself and then add the fault details to the WSDL by hand.

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There is now a V1.0.6 update for that includes fixes for a number of bugs that have been reported since the V1.0.5 release. It has taken some large and complex contracts to uncover some of the more obscure bugs. Below is a list of the bugs that have been fixed:


Contract-First article on MSDN

Congratulations to Christian and Buddhike for their excellent MSDN article: Schema-based Development with Windows Communication Foundation. If you are new to contract-first web service development, or even if you have been practicing it for a while, I am sure you will really enjoy reading this article. It is great to see an article on MSDN that is focused on contract-first and how it can be achieved with WCF. Of course, there is a section dedicated to the Visual Studio 2008 Add-in.

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