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Improved WSDL error handling in

I finally got around to making one of those improvements to that has been calling out for my attention for a while. It was to improve the error handling when the WSDL selected for Client-side proxy or Service-side stub code generation contains errors that will cause the process to fail.


Paste XML as Schema in

The WCF REST Starter Kit includes a Visual Studio Add-in called Paste XML as Type that, as you would expect given the name, allows you to paste XML from the clipboard into your code as a .NET type definition. This works well in a REST scenario where the response from a web service is XML that you want to deserialise into a .NET type for use on the client.


Data contract generation is now available in

I am pleased to report that data contract generation is now available, and that the functionality has been extended to allow the selection of multiple source XSD or WSDL files. This feature is available in the V1 Beta 2 release, and as always, user feedback and bug reports are welcome.


Controlling your Service method implementation in

I have added some new options to that control how the methods in your service class are code generated. It was a post in the Discussions forum on our CodePlex site that prompted me to finally add the feature that I myself have wanted for some time now. The default service class code generated by contains operation method implementations that throw a NotImplementedException. The issue with this approach is that you need to manually update the generated code to call another class that contains your actual service implementation, otherwise you will loose your implementation code during the regeneration process. You can now decide if you would like your service implementation to exist in a partial class or abstract class that can be defined in a separate file. These options can be found in the Service Method Implementation group in the Code Generation options dialog.

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WSCF is a Visual Studio Add-in designed to bring the benefits of contract-first web service development to those working with WCF (Windows Communication Foundation). I recently joined the project and have enjoyed working with a team of very talented developers. Please be sure to read their blogs and benefit from the experience they offer: